As I write this my heart is exploding with love and gratitude. Casey, Allyson and Lindsay are sisters originally from Bow, NH and are big WOKQ listeners. Allyson and I bonded over our love of reality TV over Facebook and then randomly ran into eachother at York Beach this Summer. It was clear we are destined to be friends.

Allyson Lemire Gelinas via Facebook

Last week, Allyson messaged me and said that she and her sisters wanted to drop by the station with their "littles" and give me a wedding gift! I couldn't believe they would get me something never mind come to the radio station and deliver it. My heart was already exploding.

The whole squad came when I got off the air to give me my very first present with my new last name on it!

Kira Lew
Kira Lew

Isn't it absolutely beautiful?! They got it at a custom wood design shop in Portsmouth called Board and Brush. They host private events (which according to Allyson are BYOB!) and you can learn how to craft your own custom creation! It's pretty much the new Paint Nite and I want in!!

I feel so lucky to have such fabulous listeners that I can also call friends. Thanks again for the gift, ladies. It means so much to me.