There is has been quite a stir over what market would take over the old Shaw’s on 1600 Woodbury Avenue. is reporting that the new market will be a Whole Foods.

The name of the new market was kept hush while going through the various Technical Advisory Committee and Zoning Board of Adjustment issues.

I have written before about the controversy surrounding a new driveway for the store that would include demolishing the former Game Stop store and the issues with signage.

Looks like the law firm for Whole Foods has worked through all the issues to their satisfaction. John Bosen, an attorney representing the group behind the Whole Foods Store, said they would “pull the plug” on the plans if they didn’t get the driveway.

Whole Foods canceled plans to be part of the North End Portsmouth development in 2017 due to legal issues, so it appears that this time they were winners, according to

Whole Foods’ complete plan is going before the Planning Board for approval on March 19.

Shaw’s Supermarket closed at the location on Woodbury Avenue after a 26-year run due to underperformance, the news article stated.

Let’s hope the Whole Food’s Market fares better and brings some life to the Durgin Square location and attracts some more retailers.


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