Like everyone else, I'm stuck inside because of this crazy super cyclone snow bomb. Instead of going to the store to stock up on the bread, eggs, and milk, like everyone else did, I was smug and decided to skip the lines. Now I find myself craving French Toast!

Well not really. But I do have the munchies. Have you ever noticed when you're hungry, that's when stuff you'd never eat in a million years starts sounding delicious? Maybe that's why I'm craving Taco Bell.

I just heard Taco Bell will finally start selling fries on January 25. They're called Nacho Fries, and they're fries coated in Mexican seasoning, and come with nacho cheese for dipping. And as if that isn't delightful enough...they'll only cost $1.

Taco Bell says they'll only be available for a limited time. But if they're a hit, I'm hoping they'll stick around for good.


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