Castles are always fascinating and intriguing, especially when you find them in unexpected places.

Castles in Ireland, Scotland, or England are part of the scenery, as with much of Europe, but castles in New England are not a common sight.

There are a number of interesting castle structures nearby, one of them being the incredible Hammond Castle in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

This castle in particular was recently featured on the popular Netflix series Love On the Spectrum.  In Season 2, Episode 5, James and Maggie have a date at this well-loved spot on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

Hammond Castle via Facebook
Hammond Castle via Facebook

The castle was built by James Hays Hammond, an inventor and scientist in the 1920s. According to, Hammond is known as "Father of Radio Control".

The website tells of Hammond's eclectic collection of art and inventions.

Hammond held over 400 domestic patents, ranging from systems of remote control torpedoes to kitchen appliances, and from early color television devices to pipe organ pedals.

Hammond also had a "Radio Research Laboratory", which is open to the public to explore.

Mentored by Alexander Graham Bell, Hammond was advised to carry on most of his work at night, which he did.  He worked by night and slept by day, much to his wife's dismay.

As for the Netflix series, the episode explores the date of the show's regular, James, from Season 1.  James and Maggie meet on their first date at the Hammond Castle, as James is a medieval enthusiast, and knows quite a bit about Mr. Hammond.

Do James and Maggie stay together?  You will have to watch Season 2 to find out on Netflix.

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