No, I am not a parent, but I am reporting this to all the parents out there.

Ignorance of the law excuses no one. That simply means it is YOUR job to be aware of any new laws, their requirements, and when they come into effect.

Well, as of January 1, 2024, there is a new child car seat law that every parent in New Hampshire needs to know about.

According to a Keene Sentinel article, "Senate Bill 118, which will go into effect next year, requires that children under the age of 2 be restrained in a rear-facing car seat in motor vehicles."

Mother driving a car, having her little baby girl in a child seat
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The bill is different than ever before because it now REQUIRES the rear-facing seat. That was not always the case. Previously, the bill would require young children to be in a child-restraint system until they are seven years old or 57 inches tall. However, there was never a rear-facing requirement.

Some were in opposition to this bill simply based on the state motto: Live Free or Die.

“The minority (those opposed to the bill) felt that educating parents on the merits of rear-facing car seats is an effective approach,” Rep. Ted Gorski, R-Bedford, representing the opposition said to Keene Senital. “Mandating a law is unnecessary."

Although the vast majority are on board with this new bill, as it protects our children, the opposition does bring up a good point regarding mandating it.

New Hampshire is the only state where we have no seat belt law. You know, live free or die.

Requiring seatbelts for adults would likely be similar to the new rear-facing car seat requirement put in place to protect. That said, the rear-facing car seat bill passed for 2024. Any law to get adults to click it or a ticket has yet to pass, and doesn't seem like it will any time soon.

Bottom line, parents, you may want to double-check what's in your backseat before heading out on the road this year!

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