Aroma Joe's announced on March 16th that they were going to offer a free 16 oz coffee (hot or iced) to healthcare workers who could present a valid healthcare ID. Since then they have served 14,000 cups of coffee to those working in the front lines. They have decided to extend this offer until April 30th.

To say that healthcare workers are appreciative is an understatement. Here are some comments from the Aroma Joe's Facebook page:

Dawn Morest: Thank you thank you thank you Aroma Joe's! I appreciate this more than you even know every night I have to go to work at the Hospital I work at!! Thank you to the Staff also that are on the front lines for serving us! I tip them every time and thank them for being there! Much appreciation! <3

Heidi Govoni Parsons-Strong: This has been a Godsend for me it gives me a pick-up before heading to work. You are so kind and generous, I thank you for ALL of the healthcare workers and paramedics police officers etc.. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Shelly Dyer-Remington: Thank you! We appreciate you and your support ypur rock Standish Aroma Joes!

Bambi Zayac: Thank you so much your kindness has been truly appreciated an amazing. I had never tried your coffee or anything before but now you have a life long customer.

Thank you for supporting our healthcare workers, Aroma Joe's! You are fueling shifts one free cup of coffee at a time!


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