The 66th Grammy Awards are coming up in February of 2024, and New England is represented in a major way.

Noah Kahan is currently my favorite artist (or at least top three). The 26-year-old folk artist is originally from Hanover, New Hampshire. After going to Hanover High School, he moved to Vermont, where he lives while not touring.

Well, our New England guy is up for the Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

Kahan has a folky vibe to his music, and it is catching on nationwide.

One of his most recent accomplishments is a duet with Post Malone. Before surprising attendees at a Post Malone concert, Post Malone introduced Kahan as "one of the most talented f^$&*@g songwriters (he) ever had the pleasure of meeting."

Below is the song, which ranked #25 on the Billboard Top 100, called "Dial Drunk."

The 26-year-old sings numerous songs about New England, something I love the most about Noah Kahan.

He has a song titled Maine:

I wanna go
To Maine, ooh-ooh, oh
I wanna go
To Maine, mm, God
Tell me, lover
Once you've had a change of heart
'Cause we're no more than the fossils
On Crescent Beach State Park, and we
Used to sing along to church bells on Sundays
And can you even hear 'em from the subway now?
And I hope that we make you proud
'Cause this town's just an ocean now

One of his most popular songs, "Stick Season," is all about his lifestyle in Vermont, but also the time spent traveling between places.

“I’m speaking about the highs and the lows,” Kahan said according to an ABC News article. “And the truth is it’s always somewhere in the middle when you really go back,” he said regarding "home."

Below is one of my personal favorites, "Orange Juice."

Check out Noah Kahan.

He is one of my favorite artists EVER. He is from New Hampshire, lived in Vermont for years, and will surely be seen on the Billboard Top 100 for some time.

Will he win the Grammy for Best New Artist? I don't know. He is going up against Jelly Roll and others. That being said, he has made New England VERY proud.

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