This real life story is what romantic novels and movies aspire to be. It is the premise of “The Notebook” playing out in real life. Who needs Ryan Gosling!

Peter Marshall from Andover, Connecticut married the love of his life, Lisa, 12 years ago. He was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's and this horrible disease has stolen most of Peter’s memories. He doesn’t remember his nuptials with Lisa and beyond that he doesn’t even remember his bride’s name. Can you imagine how painful that must be? But the good news is he still knows how much he loves her!

According to, Lisa and Peter were watching TV last December and a wedding was on the screen. Peter pointed to the screen and said “do you want to do it?” and Lisa, a tad confused since they already got married, said “do what?” and he replied “GET MARRIED!” He was sporting the biggest grin on his face while he said these words. Lisa realized, he doesn’t know that she’s his wife. To him, he's just her favorite person. Through tears in her eyes he said “yes”.

It just so happens Lisa’s daughter is a wedding and event planner. She reached out to a few of her vendors and shared this emotional tale. Many offered up their services for FREE for their big day. And sure enough, Peter and Lisa got married all over again. This story gives the saying “in sickness and in health” a whole new meaning!

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