We know all about tropical storm Isaias and the damage that it caused for people all over the east coast. Trees were down and millions of people were left without power. While people were cleaning up and waiting for their electricity to be restored, a New England pizza shop was looking out for hungry locals. According to NBC Connecticut, Jerry’s Pizza and Bar in Middletown, Connecticut, posted on their Facebook page that anyone who didn't have power could call them for a free meal.

People took them up on that offer, the response was huge! The owner, Carmela, said once the post went up, the phone didn't stop ringing. She made several dozen meals for families who lost their electricity.

Jerry’s has been in Carmela's family for over 50 years. Her dad always told her that owning a restaurant is more than just selling food to customers. You have to help them and make them feel like they are part of your family. Family's look out for each other. I would say Carmela is making her dad proud!

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