Charge your phone, and get ready more new Instagram-worthy shots.

You've been to the Ice Castles, and it was awesome. The slides, tunnels, LED's, and of course, some of the most 'gramable' moments of the year. The only problem with that is, what's next? Is it worth going back for the same experience? If the answer is a hard no, then you're in for a real treat.

They're adding an enchanted forest!


According to, The 20 million pound attraction in North Woodstock full of sculptures and photo opportunities continues to grow by adding add a new enchanted walk through the forest.

Construction on hand-built Ice Castles will begin in early November, by growing and harvesting up to 10,000 icicles each day, according to In what might be the proposal slam-dunk of the century, attendees will also be able to ride a horse drawn carriage through the forest.

Weather permitting, the Ice Castles are set to open just after the holidays, in early January.

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