In 1999, a couple from Londonderry, New Hampshire, decided to place a time capsule in Hawaii, according to a KCRA Channel 3 news article.

The couple, Alison and David Proulx, were married 25 years ago after graduating as high school sweethearts from Londonderry High School.

David Proulx joined the Marines in 1995, and he and Allison got married in Hawaii in 1997, according to KCRA. While they were stationed in Hawaii in 1999, the New Hampshire couple decided to bury a time capsule that included items from their time on the island.

The couple can recall some items they think are inside: a lei, a piece of a uniform, a diaper, mementos, and photos, according to KRCA. But there was one minor hiccup: they couldn't remember exactly where the capsule was located.

Fortunately, technology was advancing in 1999, and Alison and David used an old VHS tape to figure out the spot where they buried it.

It still took them six hours of searching on the island to find it.

Although they have yet to open it, the two did find it and planned to open it when they returned from Hawaii.

It should have been opened by now, SO I AM TRYING TO FIND OUT WHAT WAS IN IT!

“I think just to see where we are at now and how far we've come. It's just — neat,” Alison Proulx said to KRCA.

Alison and David's son is now a Marine just like his dad, which brings this story full circle.

“It's ironic. It's weird,” David Proulx said to KRCA. “I’m sitting on the hillside getting this time capsule, and it's like wow, my son, who was six months old then, is now a Marine — the same rank as I was before I got out.”

If you know the Proulx's, please have them reach out and let us know what was in the time capsule buried 25 years ago.

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