Holidays are a time for celebrating those who are special to us.  We give gifts to make them feel joy and love, and to let them know we love them.

This can be applied to humans and to pets.  If you are a dog owner, how adorable is that sweet head as it rests on your leg or lap?  It just melts you.

So, just as you wouldn't give your children stuff that's bad for their health, why then would you buy dog treats which can be a detriment to your pup's life?

After all, your dog is part of the family.

I came across a group of dog owners on Facebook and stopped to read about dog treats, especially during the holidays, which you should not give your animal.  I knew some treats were bad, like those with food coloring (this goes for your kids too), but I never noticed the multi-colored dog bones in happy holiday packaging until now.

They catch the owner's eye, but are not necessarily good for the dog.

As a came across the group Dog Friendly New Hampshire, a Facebook group for New Hampshire dog owners, I realized how many holiday specific treats are offered, especially in big chain stores.

Not all are bad, but the group specifically noted that rawhide bones are very bad for dogs, as are marrow, antlers, bully sticks, pig ears, and many cookies too.  Some treats are so bad they can cause blockages.

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As one contributor noted, "Some treats almost guaranteed to poison your pet, cause GI issues, lead to kidney’s shutting down, vomiting blood/diarrhea with blood, foreign body surgars, etc."  Just cause treats are marketed as organic and healthy does not mean they are.

One thing the group does agree on is finding a good organic homemade dog treat shop.  Also, always look for "made in the USA" labels, as many third-world country products have chemicals in them.

Another contributor suggests, "carrots and dog biscuits made with all natural ingredients such as peanut butter, sweet potato and yogurt."

So feed your pet some healthy holiday snacks.  Local suggestions include Mrs. Beasley's Dog Treats in Goshen, NH, and The Barkin' Biscuit in Bedford, NH.  Better yet, find recipes for dog treats and make your own!  At least YOU know what your pal is ingesting.

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