A report from Footwear News says 'Crocs' is closing it's last owned manufacturing facilities located in Italy and Mexico. Once that news hit social media, Crocs fans around the world started to panic, thinking the plastic clogs were going to cease forever.

Not true.

A report from MSN says the footwear maker is NOT going out of business. In fact, Crocs, which reports profits in a time where lots of companies do not, is closing factories and shutting down some under performing stores, but NOT going out of business. They will keep making their popular colorful plastic footwear by outsourcing the work.

Currently, there are two Crocs store locations in New Hampshire. One can be found at the Merrimack Premium Outlets in Merrimack, NH. The other can be found at the Settlers Green Outlets in North Conway, NH.  There is no word on whether one or both of the New Hampshire store locations will close. The company has shut down over 150 stores over the past year.

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