Live Free or Die

Wow, New Hampshire!  This New England state ranked as the best state for Drivers in the United States.

In a recent study of over 2 million insurance quotes, came up with a ranking of the best states to worst states for drivers and I found the results shocking.

The Criteria for the Study

The key items the study looked at were the number of accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, and Citations.

I’m going to be completely honest here.  I have a mini cooper with a souped-up engine that handles the road like a racecar. There are so many beautiful drives to take in New Hampshire, I have been guilty of speeding on some of our roads.  I mean, those turns are just sweet to drive, and I am always very careful.

I was stunned to learn that we rank low in accidents, citations, and DUIs along with speeding tickets.

Now, we just need to wear our seatbelts

New Hampshire does rank last on the list of states whose drivers wear their seatbelts, according to the list on Quotewizard.

Since there is no law making us do it, maybe some of you just aren’t used to it.

I swear by my seatbelt.  I know that’s a controversial stance here in the granite state with our Live Free or Die motto, but I want to take every precaution I can since I tend to have a lead foot when on the road.  Take extra care when driving in Massachusetts.

According to, they ranked second in the nation for accidents.

Why does this not surprise me?  Stay safe out there!

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