The 53 year old Pelham man arrived home Wednesday night, finding two suspects robbing his residence.

According to the Lowell Sun, it unfolded shortly after 7pm last night. The man, who has not been identified, returned home without receiving the typical greeting from his dog at the door. Adding to the man's radar, he heard the dog scratching from inside a closet. According to police, after he let his dog out of the closet, the suspects attempted to run by him in an attempt to escape. It was here things escalated further. According to a press release from the Pelham Police Department, "This caused a physical confrontation to take place inside the home and the homeowner was stabbed twice."

After the suspects fled, the man called emergency assistance. Despite help from a K-9 tracker dog from the Salem Police Department, the suspects are still at large, according to the Lowell Sun. However, police added this is an isolated incident and the public is not in danger.




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