You love to cook.  I love to cook.  But what is the ingredient that makes your recipes brighter and stand out in an exceptional way?

Your spice rack is full, and your cabinet has more seasonings than you could possibly use in a year (or three), so why do we hang on to them and let them become stale?

It's because spices and seasonings are more and more expensive, so we don't want to waste any of it, especially the ones we use most.

New Hampshire East Facebook page recently asked that question.  What's the one seasoning that's an absolute necessity in your kitchen?

There were over 500 answers, and yes, many were the same, but there's one standout I had never heard of before.

Do you know what SPG is?  Big Cock Ranch seasoning?  What about Camp Mix?

I had no idea about any of these, but the most often mentioned was definitely Camp Mix.  What the heck is Camp Mix?

SPG is a salt, pepper and garlic mix.  It's a simple mix of the three ingredients used most in the kitchen.  This was mentioned often.  Big Cock Ranch Chicken Sh*% Seasoning was mentioned as well, but the site was blocked on my computer due to the supposed profanity.  Many people swear by this seasoning for chicken, with many mixes available to purchase.

Ok, let's look at the number one seasoning, without question, for New Hampshire residents.  It's Camp Mix.  What is it?

Camp Mix was developed at a camp kitchen in Hollis, New Hampshire, and one of the biggest retailers in the northeast picked it up as a product.  That would be L.L. Bean, which catapulted the mix of spices to become a New England and national favorite.

Check out the history, and buy a box at  At $3.49 each, you could try all five mixes, including the original mix, which seems to be the most talked about.  People say they are addicted to using Camp Mix.

Now you know, and so do I.

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