It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor. Would you be mine? Could you be mine? *sigh* RIP Mr. Rogers. You were truly the best.

There's nothing like a good neighbor to make home feel a little more home-like.

We wanted to give our listeners an opportunity to shout out their "neighbor with benefits" on the show today. Get your mind out of the gutter, would you! It's a family-friendly show! These are neighbors that provide value in your life. Do they plow your driveway after a big snowstorm? Are they a baker and bring you extra muffins on the weekend?

The stories were amazing, heartwarming, and down right impressive. One woman said she lived next door to a limo driver. If he wasn't booked on the weekend, he would drive her and her friends around wherever they wanted to go. He would even provide the booze! Are you kidding me?

After a show, we got a message on the app that really warmed my heart from our listener, Rena.

A few years ago, Rena was trying to mow her lawn ("very unsuccessfully" in her words) and broke her riding mower, push mower, and three weed whackers all in the same day. She basically gave up, and her lawn remained half-mowed for weeks on end. She was kind enough to provide a photo:

Rena Call
Rena Call

One day, she came home from work only to discover that her lawn was magically cut. For years after that, her lawn seemed to magically cut itself on a regular basis. She had no idea who was cutting it.

Turns out that her neighbor's son, Kevin, had taken it upon himself to come over and mow her lawn every time he mowed his mother's lawn. He never asked for anything in return, and he never even took credit for it until after she happened to catch him out there during the act. He has since passed away, but Rena will always remember and appreciate his kindness.

May we all strive to be as good of a neighbor as Kevin! Thanks for sharing your story with us, Rena.

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