Walmart wants to re-stock your fridge...literally. They've got a new plan for grocery delivery that takes things way further than any of the other grocery delivery services out there: They want to go into your house when you're not home and stock your fridge for you.

Here's how it would work. You get a special smart lock on your door. Then you order groceries on and tell them when you want them delivered. They bring the groceries to your house, and they use a one-time code on your smart lock to get in. They stock your fridge, then they leave and send you a message that they're gone and they locked the door behind them.

They're planning to test it out in California to see if it works. But even they know it sounds a little strange. A spokesperson from Walmart says, "This may not be for everyone, and certainly not right away."

Here's how WOKQ listeners responded when we posed the question, "Would you let Walmart in your house when you're not there to re-stock you fridge?

What about you? Would you let Walmart re-stock your fridge if you weren't home?

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