This pandemic is throwing a wrench into so many plans! Proms: CANCELLED Graduation Parties: CANCELLED Weddings: CANCELLED. I feel for any and everyone affected negatively by this virus. It has taken down family members, jobs, and special memories in its destructive path.

Weddings are tough because they are already so stressful to plan under normal circumstances.Throw in a global pandemic and a whole lot of uncertainty and it's dang near impossible. So many of my friends have had to cancel or postpone weddings during this pandemic. Some have just decided to have a zoom wedding and part with their dreams of a big wedding!

Thankfully some good news came out a few days ago which is exactly what we need right now. Outdoor weddings are back on in New Hampshire! (with major restrictions of course). Tables need to be six feet apart with a maximum of six guests per table. Even with the restrictions, vendors, venues, and couples all over the state let out a sigh of relief!

According to NECN Amy Labelle, who owns Labelle Winery in Amherst, New Hamshire, was especially grateful for the go ahead to resume outdoor weddings. Her venue like so many has been struggling during this pandemic. She was forced to furlough 90 employees LaBelle at the beginning and has since used all her savings to continue paying her employees health benefits. Can you imagine?

Slowly but surely the world is getting back to normal. But will it ever fully be like it was before? Or will it be this "new normal" everyone keeps talking about? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Congrats to the vendors and venues that can continue working again in New Hampshire! And congrats to the happy couples who can celebrate their love the way they always pictured! Well, maybe with some minor changes.

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