Another snowstorm, another unfortunate possibility for crashes.

In the case of the Tuesday, March 14, snowstorm, it was par for the course.

New Hampshire State Police first reported over 60 weather-related calls between 5 a.m. and 9 a.m. in a Facebook post.

And that was just four hours. Doing a little math puts the average at 15 calls per hour.

Seems like way too many.

New Hampshire State police said that many of those calls included vehicle crashes and vehicles going off the road.

The Facebook post even noted three tractor-trailers couldn't even make it up an incline at exit 4 on the turnpike in Nashua.

Imagine getting stuck in that situation.

But the number, unfortunately, didn't stay low, as the New Hampshire State Police reported at 2:46 p.m. in another Facebook that they had responded to more than 160 crashes and vehicles off the road since 5 a.m.

That pretty much kept the pace up with about 16 calls on average per hour, given the numbers.

Thankfully, New Hampshire State Police didn't report any fatalities during the time frames, but it's no surprise that they cautioned driving snow during the bad weather conditions.

If you have to go out there, be safe. Don't be a crazy driver and get yourself or someone else injured. It's not worth it.

Hopefully, the next snowstorm we have (let it be December 2023, please!), the number of calls police have to take will be far less.

Stay safe out there, New Englanders.

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