If only you could share this article while in traffic.

So you're heading up the Spaulding Turnpike. Or, any road in New Hampshire which clearly has two lanes set aside for travel. It's simple, right? The right lane is for travel, and the left lane is for those who want to pass you.  WHY is such a simple concept so hard for many to grasp?!

If you've asked yourself a similar question, likely including more colorful language, you're not alone. With a new year, it's now against the law to hold up traffic in the state of New Hampshire.

(I'll give you a second to collect yourself)

According to Patch.com, A new law that took effect this week that prohibits slow drivers from impeding traffic in the high-speed lane. Violators face fines starting at $50. The new law reads "Motor vehicles shall not be operated continuously in the left lane of a multilane roadway whenever it impedes the flow of other traffic at or below the posted speed limit unless reasonable and prudent under the conditions."

What seemed like common sense for everyone is now law.

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