Miracle on 34th Street? More like Miracle on Congress Street!

Actually, it's being called Miracle at the Goat, but the name does not matter! What matters is New Hampshire now has a new one-of-a-kind, first-ever, and only pop-up Christmas bar!

If you are not familiar with a pop-up bar, it means it's just a temporary bar. Sometimes these bars move around from place to place, while other times they are just themed bars that take over a current location.

And the second option is what is happening at the Goat in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

This place has transformed into a Christmas wonderland. Check out the transformation below:

The Goat went ALL OUT for this, which is good because to call it a pop-up, they needed to.

So forget the half-decorated bars. If you want to feel the Christmas magic every weekend this month, head over to Miracle at the Goat.

Even the seats are decorated like presents. They understood the assignment, and blew it out of the water.

Miracle at the Goat will take place every day this month until January 1, 2024. There are also really cool events taking place at Miracle at the Goat.

The first will be the Santa Brunch which is THIS SATURDAY, December 9. There will also be an Ugly Sweater Party on Tuesday, December 12, at 8 PM.

If you haven't been to the Goat before, now is your chance. This is one of my favorite bars in all of New Hampshire.

The food is always 10/10, but the drinks and environment are what keep me coming back. The place is always a fun time, especially now that it is the only pop-up Christmas bar in New Hampshire.

I'll be headed to Miracle at the Goat this month. Will I see you there?

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