Week one of Kira and Logan in the Morning is almost a wrap! It has been such a fun week getting to know Logan on and off the air, and I know the best is yet to come! I almost forgot how much fun having a co-host is. What a blast.

We've learned a little about his craft beer consumption habits..

We learned that he has really interesting catchphrases..

And morning dance parties with the Log Man can escalate QUICKLY!

Thank you to everyone who has welcomed my new radio partner and pal with open arms! Logan has been totally embraced by the WOKQ family and we love to see it!

By popular demand, we decided to share our theme song that we play to open our show every morning. The concept was born in Logan's brain (which is a very interesting place as one could imagine). It is to the tune of Luke Comb's "Beer Never Broke my Heart". Here are the lyrics if you would like to sing along:

Kira and Logan in the Morning, 975 WOKQ 

Yeah, they got The Good Stuff, Second Date Update, they're a lot of fun

I'm not done they have the Famous People 411,

Now just make sure then that you tell everyone 

Kira and Logan never broke my heart

I'm listening every morning

Can't wait for them to start. She's bubbly, he's just goofy, their both sharp as a dart

Kira and Logan never Broke my Heart 

We know, we know it's a bop!

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