Have you heard the brand-new single "Something in the Water?" It's the first release off Carrie's new album due out in December. We played it a few times during the Big Morning Broadcast today.


Carrie Underwood
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It was nice to hear fresh music from the soon-to-be-mom. If you want to know how Carrie keeps in killer shape, I suggest you read this article. It makes me want to run to the gym, but I'll probably just stroll home and eat cake.

If you have Facebook, we urge you to take one minute and help our friends at the New Hampshire Food Bank. 

Food Bank
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They need every vote they can get.  September is "Hunger Action Month," and you can vote once a day.  Please hurry, because voting ends October 5th. Cast your vote at "Fight Hunger and Spark Change." 


More clouds than sun and 75, but cooling down during the afternoon.  Mostly cloudy in the North Country with a chance of a shower and 68.

Top News Stories

Marathon bombing suspect's friend getting closer to his trial date 
A friend of the Boston Marathon bombing suspect is getting closer to the start of his federal trial. Jury selection is scheduled to begin today for Robel Phillipos, who is charged with making false statements when he was questioned about his movements three days after the bombings. Prosecutors allege Phillipos lied about being in Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's dorm room.

Bay State man recovering from Fall on NH mountain
A Massachusetts man is recovering from a fall on New Hampshire's Mount Israel. New Hampshire Fish and Game says 65-year-old Anthony Rogers was hiking on the Mead Trail in Sandwich on Saturday when he slipped on a rock. About a dozen volunteers assisted Fish and Game conservation officers in carrying Rogers for about a mile and a half to a waiting fire department all-terrain vehicle. He was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Successful LumberJack festival 
More than 80 Lumberjacks and Jills from across the United States and Canada showed off their skills yesterday at New Hampshire's Northern Forest Heritage Park. The 15th annual Lumberjack Festival and Competition in Berlin awarded prizes in a variety of categories, including women and men's ax throwing, standing block chop and two-person log rolling.

Stupid News

Wow, that's some pub crawl!  A man in Ireland decided to tunnel his way from his bedroom to the nearest pub which was some 800 feet away.

Joke du Jour

Oh Don...
Why did the dermatologist hurry to the jail?
"Because everyone was breaking out!"
In a basketball game in Hawaii, what do you call the baskets?
"Hula hoops!"
Why did Adam get the first fig leaf?
"Because he wore the 'plants' in the family!"

Coming Up Tuesday

More tickets to Haunted Acres in Candia, NH. Haunted Acres opens for their season on Friday! Tomorrow, we're talking 'Weird Wildlife Encounters!'

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It's New England, there's gotta be some really good stories!






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