According to Seacoast Online, the building that was last occupied by Thai Paradise restaurant has reopened as Dwyer's Pub. Dwyer's is owned by brother/sister duo Molly and Kevin Dwyer. The site states Molly is 25 and Kevin is 27. They are youngins! I think that is super impressive to own a business with your sibling.

Seacoast Online said the closure of the Coat of Arms (which was State Street Saloon before that) left a void for Portsmouth locals that needs to be filled.  Enter Dwyer's Pub! The dynamic duo seems stoked to bring Dwyer's welcoming atmosphere to the Seacoast.

For now, their operating hours are Wednesdays through Sundays from 4 p.m. until last call. Check them out on social media they are @dwyersportsmouth on Instagram and Dwyer's Pub on Facebook. OR swing by and say "hey"!

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