did a nice article on a new New Hampshire Brewery.  Stripe Nine is located at 8 Somersworth Plaza in Somersworth, NH.  The company is run by three brothers, Tom, Patrick and Sean Kelly.  Stripe Nine opened recently on the site of an old pharmacy on Main Street.  The brothers bring their varying experiences such as general contracting, culinary arts and home brewing tech.  Sean loves his pale ales and IPA’s so there is where the brothers will begin.  Stripe Nine will start with “an IPA, a double and hazy New England style version.” According to the article from


They hope to move into offering stout and porter as the weather cools and brings in pilsners and lagers when the weather warms up again.  But it’s not just a brew you will be seeking from Stripe Nine.  The brothers will be offering wood-fired pizza, soft pretzels, and chicken.  If you are wondering where the name Stripe Nine came from (instead of 3 Brothers) it comes from New Hampshire being the ninth stripe, or the ninth of the 13 states to ratify the Constitution.  A clear indication of their focus on local, local, local.

They hope to eventually source a pure New Hampshire state beer with all New Hampshire locally sourced ingredients.  The brothers have already sourced a lot of organic, local farmers for the food they will be serving up.  Stripe Nine Brewery will be open Wednesday through Sunday.  Stop by and grab a brew!



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