The patient was supposed to be isolated at home, but ventured out to an invitation-only private event.

The Coronavirus has everyone on alert. People are feverishly washing their hands at a pace not seen since SARS. The NBA has pretty much told players not to high-five fans, and anyone who's been on a cruise have been exiled from their friend circle. Okay, the last one may be a leap, but still.

While everyone's in overdrive hoping they don't contract this thing, a New Hampshire patient who actually tested positive for Coronavirus decided to hit a party last weekend.


According to News Center Maine, the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) confirmed the second case of coronavirus in N.H. Tuesday night. The announcement comes after the first case was confirmed on Monday. DHHS says the second individual was in close contact with the first person who tested positive. They are both currently isolated at home. You know, isolation, where they probably should be. After all, wouldn't want to give Coronavirus to someone else, right?

News Center Maine reported DHHS determined that the first patient, despite having been directed to self-isolate, attended an invitation-only private event on Friday, Feb. 28. DHHS says they are contacting attendees who had close contact with the person during the event and notifying them to follow the recommended 14-day self-isolation.

Rule 1 of Coronavirus Club. Do not leave the house. 



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