What an incredibly wild July for this Dover man.

According to WMUR News 9, Salem police say the man recently found hiding in a grocery store ceiling is the same man who later robbed a convenience store with a syringe.

It started when another criminal allegedly robbed a bank July 12th in Dover. When police responded, they weren't looking for 30-year-old Eric Lombari, but the Dover man panicked when he saw police rushing into the parking lot, according to the news staion.

Officials said Lombari went into the store through the main entrance, went into an unlocked storage area and got into the ceiling. At the time, Lombari was arrested and charged with criminal mischief, trespassing and resisting arrest, the news station reported. He was out on bail for drug offenses, and was not aware of the bank robbery.

Apparently not yet scared straight, on July 20th, Lombari made off with about $300 when he allegedly robbed a convenience store in Salem, NH, according WMUR News 9. It was reported a man "displayed a hypodermic needle with red fluid inside and demanded money."

Lombari was arrested Monday in Lawrence, Massachusetts.




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