There is something I didn’t think we would have to prepare for: A socially-distanced ski season.

Fortunately, the state has been forward-thinking and has released some guidelines.

According to, guidelines for ski areas will include face masks indoors, in public gathering places, and ski lifts.

The executive director of Ski New Hampshire, Jessyca Keller tells ,“The important things to know are one, that they’re still going to have a great experience on the slopes but getting there and getting to the top of the mountain is going to be a little bit different.”

Keep in mind that due to social distancing concerns, you may need to book a reservation online before heading out the slopes.  Some ski areas are going to have to place some limits on how many people can be on the slopes at one time, the news station reported.

Fire pits and heat towers are going to be popular this year as restaurants will try and keep patrons outdoors as much as possible.  This may be the year I hit the slopes.  I love being outside and my wife grew up skiing and really wants to go.

One tip is to make the attempt to hit the slopes mid-week to avoid congestion on the weekend.  I think I will start slow with cross country skiing first before I tackle downhill skiing, snowshoeing might be easier for me.  Possibly, snowboarding may be a better fit for me.

Either way, I am getting outside to see what all the fun is about, and I will keep my distance.

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