In a world full of hard crime, authorities are also hoping to close the case tugging on heartstrings.

Think back to the childhood toy you cherished. The two of you were inseparable. The stuffed bear, horse, or giraffe went everywhere you went, without exception. Think of all the deep conversations and secrets you shared. As a parent, you may be going through the same routine with your child. Unfortunately, stuffed animals don't speak English at a high volume. So, when they are left on top of an SUV, you're not going to hear about it until someone discovers (insert adorable name) is missing.

This may be the case for a lamb found on the highway in Merrimack. According to the New Hampshire State Police's Twitter account, police found a stuffed toy lamb near the median of the super busy Everett Turnpike. The unclaimed friend was found heading southbound.

Anyone with information that could lead to a reunion should contact


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