You may remember back in October, Heather Figeuroa from Nottingham, New Hampshire, shared a video of her son Branson taking his first steps after a nearly seven hour skull surgery at Vermont Medical Center.

Heather took to Facebook this weekend to share that Branson is doing well and thriving! They decided to welcome a new puppy into their home a few weeks ago; a Boston Terrior named Thanos. Thanos is fitting in perfectly with the whole family especially Branson. Those two have an incredibly special bond.

When they brought little Thanos to the vet for vaccinations they got some terrible news. According to Heather's post, Thanos is dealing with a condition called hydrocephalus which is fluid on his brain. This is going to be a long road for the pup and Heather is asking for our prayers. She now realizes why Branson and Thanos have bonded so much; they have dealt with similar issues. If you have any healing thoughts or prayers to spare, please send them to Heather's family and sweet Thanos.

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