I love hearing stories like this.  Especially these days!

Here's a Mother of four including a set a twins all under the age of 10, just making a regular trip to the Market Basket. However, Gina Winchester wasn't prepared for what happened.

The store manager came up to her and said that a nice lady (who wanted to remain anonymous) wanted her to have this $100 gift card, according to the Sentinel Source

The news article stated that it takes Gina (a stay at home mom) almost 2 hours to do the grocery shopping with the kids, and this nice lady wanted to recognize that with the gift card.

My wife used to take both our daughters (less than 3 years apart) to the store and that was a chore for sure.  I couldn't imagine doing it with 4 kids, including twins.

The kindness of strangers is a thing that we all should do more often. I was at a Hannaford the other day and I got to the checkout and realized I forgot my wallet in my car.

I could afford the $12 I needed to pay, but this nice guy behind me said, "I got it...Just add it to mine".

It took me by surprise. He just asked me to pay if forward. So I did.

The next time I went to Dunkin on Woodbury in Portsmouth, I paid for my $4 ticket with a $20 and told them to pay it forward please.

The lady behind me told me that she'd heard about the pay it forward thing but never saw it in person.  I told her me too until yesterday.

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