Recycled Percussion Hid $10,000

One of the most exciting parts of the summer came a couple of months ago in July, when the frontman for Recycled Percussion, Justin Spencer, announced that he was hiding $10,000 somewhere in New Hampshire and would be creating a treasure hunt for us to find it. Within a week's time, it was found, but not without controversy -- shortly after the treasure hunt ended, Justin announced that the original $10K had been taken and he had to replace it before he revealed the endpoint for the treasure hunt.

Thankfully, it seems like that swiping of the original $10,000 didn't at all deter Justin and the Recycled Percussion gang from decided to hide another 10 grand for us to find. Yesterday, while mostly everyone was fixated on Sunday football, Recycled Percussion laid down a challenge on their Facebook page.

Nevermind 24 hours, it didn't even take 12 hours for the post to get well over 10,000 likes. Never one to go back on their word, it definitely seems like another $10,000 will be hidden at some point, somewhere in New England, but where?

It's possible that it's going to be in either Massachusetts or New Hampshire. Commenting on their own post, Recycled Percussion posted two comments that leaked possible locations.

"If this comment gets over 2,000 likes I'll hide it in Massachusetts."

Seems easy and straightforward enough -- the comment got 2.3K likes (at the time of this writing), so it seems like it'd be in Massachusetts, right? Wrong, because they ALSO commented the following:

"If this comment gets over 5,000 likes I'll hide it in New Hampshire."

Well, that comment blew up and at the time of this writing, is sitting at 8.5K likes. So, both challenges were met -- now what? Will Justin and the Recycled Percussion crew go with New Hampshire since it crushed the like threshold compared to the Massachusetts challenge? Will they hide $5,000 in each state? And what about Maine?!

No word on when this will go down, but you can bet a lot more people will be paying even closer attention to Recycled Percussion's every move on social media now to find out more info!

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