Winter's last gasp will be torpedo'd by warm temps in the Granite State all weekend.

On Tuesday, you might've driven home in snow, and it was well, interesting. Was it just me, or did this seem like the first storm of the season all over again?

I don't think it's that people couldn't handle the slick conditions, it's just we're so over it, many were careless on the roads.

It was like the entire commute was in two week notice mode. Now, most of us are used to up and down spring weather, but once you put out the patio furniture and grill, you would hope snow's over for the season. It didn't happen.

Here's the good news: putting out the furniture is looking like it will pay off this weekend!

According to WMUR News 9, a warm front is approaching, sending high temperatures to 70 on Saturday. Sunday is expected to be cooler with temperatures still climbing above 60.

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