If you missed the news...I'm getting married! Crazy right? If you're surprised, imagine how I feel. I wasn't sure that was ever going to happen again.

Bill Fox/Townsquare Media
Bill Fox/Townsquare Media

Madeleine and I got engaged at Isle of Palms, SC while on vacation in August. And that's where we plan to tie the knot. So we've started making plans and getting things in order for the big day.

One of the things I really want to be special is my wedding ring. Initially, I looked online for a ring, but didn't find anything I really loved. And if I'm going to wear this thing forever...I want to love it from day one. Madeleine suggested Kaya Jewelers in Newburyport. So I went in to check them out.

I looked at countless rings. But in the end, and this is the coolest part, I got to make my ring.

I loved the idea. Instead of buying something someone else created...I could create something unique, and genuinely mine. Or as Madeleine quickly pointed out...ours. It would be a true labor of love. And it was.

Watch this video...

At first I thought that might not be the best idea ever, but I proceeded to pound it out.

So how'd I do?

Of course there was no way I could make my wedding ring without my wife-to-be getting involved. So Madeleine donned her safety glasses and took a turn.


Wow! What an amazing experience...as unique as my new wedding ring. I can't wait to see the finished product.

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