The bond between a little boy and his puppy is so special.

And in this case, it’s on a different level.

Two-year-old Brandon Figueroa of Nottingham, NH just went through a serious surgery to reconstruct his skull and now his puppy needs your help, according to WMUR.

Heather Figueroa tells WMUR that the family surprised Brandon with a puppy after going through the operation.  Now that puppy is in a similar situation.

Veterinarians are saying that the dog needs a shunt placed in his skull, according to the news station.

Figueroa tells WMUR “I believe that everything is in our life for a reason…what are the odds of him having something and our son is going through this?”.

A local veterinarian tech heard about the story and decided to do something about it.  A Gofund Me page has been set up to help raise money for the life saving surgery.  According to the GoFund Me page, the boston terrier has hydrocephalus, or water around the brain.

They are looking for donations to help with procedures such as an MRI, neurologist and possibly surgery.  The page says that any money raised above and beyond these costs will be donated to the Angel Fund at Northwood Veterinary Hospital.

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