It's that time again! Townsquare Media NH in conjunction with Grappone Automotive Group is now accepting applications for the 2018 Year of Service awards!

The Year of Service program, in its 31st year, is a comprehensive on-air and digital program designed to make a significant contribution to New Hampshire non-profit organizations.

This charitable initiative, underwritten by Grappone Automotive Group, will support nine granite state non-profits on four Townsquare Media radio stations (102.1 & 105.3 The Shark, 97.5 WOKQ, 94.9 WHOM, and 103.7 The Peak). It consists of one $100,000 campaign and two quarterly awards each quarter (which totals $100,000). These multi-media marketing campaigns will be spread over all stations and their digital platforms.

If your New Hampshire non-profit would like to be considered for the 2018 Year of Service awards please fill out the form below and upload your application. Answers to the following questions are essential for full consideration and must be submitted online. Brochures and professionally prepared materials are also welcome. Please make sure to include your Organization Name, Website, Mailing Address, along with a Contact Name, Email and Phone Number.

  1. What is the general scope and purpose of your organization?  Are you an IRS approved non-profit organization (501c3)?
  2. What geographic area do you serve?  How many people or groups benefit from your services?
  3. What specific, measurable project will be the focus of our Year of Service together? How will our partnership affect change and make a difference for your non-profit and its beneficiaries?
  4. How many volunteers do you have? Is there staff and/or volunteers available to represent the organization at our Townsquare Media NH Live Events?
  5. List the names of your board of directors and their business affiliations. Also list the names of your professional staff and their titles.
  6. List the fundraising or visibility promotions you have planned for the coming year.
  7. What kind of ongoing materials would publicize our cooperative effort in the coming year?
  8. List materials or industry experts you can provide for public service announcements or public affairs programs on our participating radio stations.
  9. Which local companies or groups are your major benefactors?
  10. How many years has your non-profit been in existence? What has been your group's greatest success? Greatest challenge?

Please submit no later than December 31st, 2017.

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