They haven't gone "claws out" this early in their 61 years of existence.

Earlier this week, much of New Hampshire saw their first measurable, and even significant snowfall. Parts of the Granite State climbed into double digit territory, including Gorham's Wildcat Mountain. Jack Fagone of Wildcat  told WMUR News 9 "I mean, we knew there was 5 to 9 inches in the forecast, but waking up to 10 to 12 was just alright by us."

This means Wildcat will open earlier than it ever has before. Fagone told WMUR "The last earliest opening ever that we had was Oct 28, and that was in 2005, and we're going to beat that by a day this year."

With inclimate weather expected, skiing enthusiasts won't have the best conditions to break in the season, nor will they be able to ski every trail. Fagone told WMUR "On Saturday, lifts will open up from 9 in the morning until 3:30 in the afternoon."  "We'll be skiing top to bottom on the most vertical terrain east of Colorado. It's 2,100 feet on the Lynx trail, top to bottom, so it will be experts only when we start, but we're hoping to open up some other trails here in the next couple of weeks."

Still, if you're skilled enough ski the trail, will weather matter? 


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