Thanksgiving isn't solely about stuffing your pie hole to the point of discomfort. Sure, we love the excuse to gorge ourselves with delicious food. This America after all! But as you sit around your Thanksgiving table, remember there are people out there who aren't as blessed to have what you have. They might not have a loving family, a roof over their head or a hot meal to eat. We should be thankful for all of life's little blessings everyday but ESPECIALLY on Thanksgiving.

A listener called in today and in the chaos of the morning show, I forget what his connection is to the owners of Old Rail Pizza Co. in Somersworth. (FORGIVE ME, FRIEND!) I want to say he is a blood relative. He told us that every year on Thanksgiving, Old Rail Pizza does something pretty amazing:

God bless the kind folks at Old Rail Pizza Co. for showing us the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

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