Does 240 years sound like a long time?

That was a dumb question. That is an enormous amount of time for anything, especially for a business.

For 243 years, The Old Country Store and Museum in Moultonboro, New Hampshire, has held the title of oldest grocery store in the great state of New Hampshire.

Even more impressive, according to the Old Country Store and Museum website, "The store is among the oldest in the country and also one of the oldest surviving businesses of any kind."

And the charm has not gone away.

According to the Old Country Store and Museum website:

In 1777 General Jonathan Moulton sold this piece of land to Samuel Burnham “with barn frame thereon”. It was sold again in 1779 to George Freese, “trader”, Records of Bradbury Richardson, one of the first settlers, show transactions between the two – “labors for goods, July 30, 1781”. Hollands New Hampshire, printed in London, England March 1, 1784 shows the store as the only building in this part of town.

The building has been used for town meetings, a post office, a library, and now an everything store with a historic museum.

This place is loaded with history and plenty of treats.

But it is not just treats sold here. You can find snacks, candy, puzzles, pictures, games, hardware, and so much more. Like clocks. OH, and apparently they have some incredible cheeses on-site...

According to an Only in Your State article,

The Old Country Store is located at 1011 Whittier Hwy., Moultonborough, New Hampshire. They’re open 7 days a week, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Check out their website for more history and visit them on Facebook. Or, give them a call on 603-476-5750.


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