The Jelly Roll concert at Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion was an outrageous time, with the event being sold out for months.  The star's popularity skyrocketed since his introduction into the country music world last year.

Jelly's first country music number one, "Son of a Sinner", was well-received, and music fans couldn't get enough. As he said on stage, "I sing real songs for real people with real problems".  That is what his appeal is.  He's a struggling, everyday human, just like the rest of us.

From the moment he set foot on stage, the crowd went wild.  His message was loud and clear to his adoring fans.  However, another thing happened throughout the show, which was unexpected.  Fans started throwing bras up on the stage, and then more came. By the end of the show, Jelly Roll had a bevy of bras hanging off his mic stand and off his lead player's guitar neck.

There were black bras, white bras, pink bras, and very big bras getting thrown on stage.

Jelly Roll jokingly said it was the most bras thrown on stage ever during his tour.  "I see why your slogan is Live Free or Die, you crazy M*&@#$F^$S, " he announced on stage.  It was a hilarious moment.

The big guy did admit he has them cleaned, and the bras are then donated to a local women's  shelter.

Ginny rogers
Ginny rogers

This guy has such a big personality, but is also filled with gratitude for each person attending his show.  He thanked everyone for what they had to go through to get there on a Tuesday night, for dealing with the rain and humidity, for paying for babysitters, "that stupid Ticketmaster fee they make you pay", "all that money for a beer", and "for every headache you went through to be at this show". He also thanked them for "choosing to spend tonight with me," and truly meant it.

He also spoke words of encouragement, and sang with conviction.

"Things change, people change, and what's in front of you is so much more important than what's behind you.  Miracles happen every day", quipped Mr. Roll, as we like to call him.

The tattooed powerhouse was also celebrating his second number one song, "Need A Favor", which just hit the top spot this week.

It was a great night for Jelly Roll and his high-flying, bra-flinging fans.

And congrats to Jelly Roll for winning CMA New Country Artist of the Year. His acceptance speech was like a fire and brimstone preacher, and you could feel his passion for country music and making a difference in people's lives.

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