My family and I have been going to Kimball Farm in Westford, Massachusetts since I was a little girl. Even though there are many great local ice cream shops in and around New England, in my opinion, there is nothing like an ice cream from Kimball's.

Kimball's, which has been featured on the Phantom Gourmet has four locations, including one in New Hampshire.

My two favorite flavors are Black Raspberry and Butter Crunch. I never know which I'm going to get until I walk up to the window to place my order and sometimes, I try their featured flavor. And, the amount of ice cream you get is absolutely crazy.

The original Kimball Farm location is in Westford, Mass. The place is enormous and offers a whole lot more than ice cream. They also have locations in Lancaster and Carlisle, Mass along with Jaffrey, NH.

And, the doggies seem to enjoy the vanilla ice cream! Brandy and her BFF Mocha like to come along for the ride. They get all excited knowing they're going to get a tasty treat. (eat slowly doggies, you don't want to get brain freeze)!

Credit Karen Kiley
Credit Karen Kiley