Residents were alarmed Tuesday night when between 15 and 20 windows were smashed in one New Hampshire residential neighborhood.

With temperatures hovering in the 70's, it's time to finally live a window-free commute here in the Granite State. A much different kind of window issue has hit an area of Nashua, New Hampshire this week. According to WMUR News 9, police are looking into a series broken windows in the area around Thornton Road. About 15 to 20 windows were demolished. Residents were shocked to view the damage on Wednesday morning, as no one seemed to hear anything.

Broken windows present a big problem for motorists; insurance claim burden. While it's one thing if your vehicle is totaled, and your insurance writes off your vehicle as a total loss in the tens of thousands, a broken window is in the price range of the deductible itself. Affected Nashua resident Ryan Smith told WMUR News 9 "It's a $500 deductible, and the kicker is, it's a $500 window, so you either put it on your insurance or pay it by yourself. Either way, it is a hardship. It's not right. You can't just go around destroying other people's properties."

Residents of the neighborhood say they're putting together a reward for any information.




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