david franklin

It’s a feel-good story that warms the heart.  Inside Edition is reporting that the Kids in Need Foundation has gifted the teachers at Parlin Junior high with enough school supplies to last them the entire year.  Teachers are the backbone of this country and they work so hard with assisting in raising the next generation on very little pay.  Teachers spend a good deal of their own money-making sure there are supplies in their own classrooms.  This is an amazing jump start for them.


According to Inside Edition "Kids in Need Foundation" worker, Claire Spinti makes a good point that “having things as seemingly simple as a pencil or a notebook, it can seem really basic until you don’t have them.”  With everything from glue sticks to notebooks to pencils to scissors, the gift was well received by the 10 educators.  Getting a good start on the school year is looking good for Parlin Junior High in Everett, Massachusetts.




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