I mean, I already know how cool Portsmouth, New Hampshire is because I live there. But apparently, New England Patriots Defensive End Chase Winovich is just learning about it's existence! We've been around a long time, Chase. Winovich, or Wino as he calls himself on Twitter, hails from Jefferson Hills Pennsylvania. From there he went on to play football at University of Michigan (just like someone else we know) and then was drafted to the Pats.

The 25-year-old took to Twitter to let his followers know that Portsmouth, NH, may be random but it's also really cool.

Some of the responses to this Tweet are pretty hilarious. Like this one:

or this one

And then you have this person, encouraging him to experience Manch-Vegas.

and then someone responded to that, "Don't you wish that evil on him!" LOL I love Manchester, but you must admit that's pretty funny.

I scoured Chase's social media feed to see where exactly he visited in Portsmouth that made him declare it "the coolest city in the world". Did he eat tacos at Barrio? Did he watch the ice skaters glide (and some of them fall) at Strawberry Banke? Sadly, he didn't post any pics of his visit to Portsmouth so we may never know.

Chase: If you are reading this, let a sister know the next time you are in Portsmouth. We would love to have you pop in on "Chio and Kira in the Morning". I thank you in advance.

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