By now you have probably heard all of the drama circulating Tom Brady's cameo in the Netflix series "Living with Yourself." Brady comes out of what looks like a sketchy spa and appears to be all kinds of relaxed.

This scene was filmed well before the whole Robert Kraft scandal came to fruition but Boston media still had a field day calling the cameo "controversial."

Chio and I were discussing the cameo on-air, and Chio thought that The Goat should have told the series to scrap his scene after the whole Robert Kraft ordeal because regardless of what the scene was really depicting, it doesn't look very good.

I disagree! I think Tom Brady should be able to participate in a fun little side project without it being taken out of context and twisted to make him look bad.

It appears Paul Rudd and I share the same point of view. I always knew we were kindred spirits.

According to when Rudd was asked what he thought about Brady's controversial cameo he said:

 “I had a feeling that I have never ever had in my life, which was: Oh my God, I feel bad for Tom Brady. This guy was throwing us a bone, he was doing us a favor, and he was kind of making fun of himself and his perfection."

My thoughts exactly! Tom Brady's cameo was probably one of my favorite scenes in the series and I'm really glad he did it. Though, I'm sure it wasn't worth all of the headaches.

Now, let's all stop distracting The Goat and let him focus on doing his job. He's got a sixth ring to win!

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