The ultimate hard coffee is being called Dunkin Donuts with alcohol.

This summer's been a hot one. The Pabst Blue Ribbon company isn't resting on their laurels. They've broken out a coffee brandy infused drink and decided to us Maine as one of it's five test states. Florida is another. They likely figured between these two states alone, they could figure out if the product would fly. Honestly, they're right. I mean, if you can get people on board with coffee flavored booze in the state where Allen's is an institution,  nooooo one is going to buy it. 

Not only is it a hit, retailers are having a hard time keeping it stocked. Even with a limited release, the Portland Press Herald reported PBR officials say they’ve sold more Hard Coffee per capita in Maine than in the other test-market states. Overall sales in all test markets have also “far exceeded” the company’s expectations. Why Maine? PBR officials noted that the Northeast drinks more coffee than other regions of the country .

Go Maine.

Unlike other beers brewed with coffee, this is made from coffee concentrate from real beans, natural and artificial coffee and vanilla flavors, milk (“creamy American milk,” to be exact, according to a press release), and sugar.


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