Hurricane Ida caused a path of destruction at the beginning of this month that will take time to recover from. But through the bad always comes the good, and amidst times of sorrow, the generous and empathetic side to us tends to shines through.

Most of the time during these devastating weather events, displaced families are unable to bring their pets with them to their safe havens or temporary shelters, so their pets are often put into animal shelters until they can be relocated safely with the family.

To make room for these pets and to assure they don’t get separated from their family long-term, Wings of Rescue saved 610 adoptable animals in areas affected by Ida.

Wings of Rescue is a charity dedicated to flying at-risk shelter animals around the United States to relocate them at open and safe shelters. These are animals that have been rescued from disaster areas or shelters that are overcrowded, so they are able to find a safe place to relocate and get adopted and be loved.

According to their Facebook page, the charity flew 9,245 pets to safe havens in 2020.

Among the 610 animals flown from shelters affected by Hurricane Ida were dozens of pets brought to Maine to find a new home. According to their Instagram post, the Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunkport welcomed 39 cats and dogs from Mississippi this past week.

These little guys just need to quarantine a bit, get microchipped, spayed/neutered, and receive any necessary vaccinations (because contrary to some beliefs, vaccinations are not microchips).

Once they're all set, they will all be up for adoption and you can welcome one of these cuties into your new home!

For more information about adopting one of these Ida refugees, check out AWS’s website here.

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