Cute Baby Seals on the Beach are Not in Distress

Baby seals are just being baby seals, they are not in distress normally if you come across one lounging on the beach.  It is just part of their normal behavior, but Marine Mammals of Maine is warning residents and tourists to leave the baby seals alone according to


Don’t Harass the Seals


If you come across a seal on the beach, bottom line, stay at least 150 feet away and leave it alone, it’s the law.  No selfies don’t be running to snap a photo for your Instagram.  Let nature do its thing.  According to Marine Animals of Maine, a nonprofit group that helps rescue marine animals in distress, reports have been coming in that one seal, in particular, was subjected to much harassment in June per reporting from


Seals are Not Defenseless


My wife is an avid kayaker and loves to be in the water (not me).  On one trip in the Pacific, she was kayaking along the coast of central California and came across a large number of harbor seals.  She was delighted until they started biting at her kayak.  She said the cute seals turned quickly into a pack of dogs in her mind.  The guide that was with her told her to keep her hands in the boat, he has seen people bitten by the harbor seals before.  If you think an animal is in trouble, you can call Marine Mammals of Maine at 800-532-9551.  If an animal is truly in distress leave it to the professionals.




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