Police in Buxton, Maine want residents to be alert and report any pigs hanging out about town.  If you see any pigs roaming about, please contact your local animal control officer.

According to Bangor Daily News, these pigs should be reported immediately to animal control.

Feral pigs can be a huge problem for communities.  We often hear tales about domesticated pigs getting loose and turning Feral quickly but seldom does the problem reach New England.

This time it has become a big enough problem that local authorities in Buxton are speaking out and seeking the public’s assistance.  Feral pigs can be dangerous to humans and other species of wildlife.

They can also cause significant crop damage and destroy private property, according to the newspaper, not to mention how terrifying it can be running into one, or worse, a group.

Buxton police urge residents to report any sightings and notify them by calling 207-629-5178.  Let’s play it safe and keep on the lookout.


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